Deeper than Plants: Herbal Remedy Kit

Some visiting the Ivy's Tea Co. site come here looking for tea and find more info about holistic health and herbal medicine. You might be one of those people - maybe you're asking, "When would you use herbal medicines? Which ones are most important to have at home?" This is the blog for you then, shawty.

Herbalism is a great home health care system. Lots of us have family members, especially elders, who treated ailments at home and you know what? Nothing has really changed - you can, too. Most of the times, all we need is proper food, rest and a mild natural treatment to get ourselves back on track when we're feeling ill. Of course all of us are different, but here are a few general rules to help you put herbal remedies to work in your life.

When might I use herbal remedies?

  1. As preventative medicine
  2. For nonemergency health/medical situations
  3. For therapy

What herbal supplies do I need to have at home to make my own herbal medicine?

  1. High quality dried herbs that look, taste and smell just like they would look if they were fresh herbs - as it pertains to taste, we're talking about potency. Not all herbs taste good. I'm jus tryna let you know. 
  2. Cheesecloth
  3. Stainless steel strainer
  4. Stainless steel pots with proper lids
  5. A grater - just for beeswax
  6. Mason/canning jars for storing your herbs and tinctures
  7. Measuring cups - these are my go-to, I like to be as precise as possible with my measurements when making medicine
  8. Some sort of grinder, similar to a coffee grinder...hell, it could even be a coffee grinder, just make sure you use it only for medicine making.

What type of herbal medicine do you use most often?

Well, this is Ivy's Tea Co. - so clearly herbal teas are my go-to for herbal medicine, but occasionally, I take tinctures and make herb infused oils. Whenever I'm not feeling my best on the inside, it shows up on my skin. I like to treat the inside and the outside. Maybe I'm impatient. 


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