Deeper than Plants: My At Home Apothecary

Of course, I rely heavily on herbal tea for my herbal medicine. I use infusions daily and drink herbal tea like it's going out of style. That thought is actually pretty frightening, so I shouldn't joke that way. 

Anyway, here are 15 plants that I have in my home apothecary (medicine chest) and 4 of my go-to formulas for making medicine. I'll tell you what these herbs and formulas do and how I use them. This could be a long one, so let's get comfy.

  1. Nettle - Reproductive tonic, hair and scalp tonic
  2. Oatstraw - Nutritive tonic for nervous system
  3. Chamomile - Anti-inflammatory, Nervine relaxant, Digestive aid
  4. Peppermint - Digestive aid
  5. Lavender - Nervine relaxant, antidepressant, alleviates migraines, relieves tension/stress/insomnia
  6. Ginger Root - Reproductive tonic, helps with nausea, diaphoretic, warming digestive aid
  7. Dandelion Root - Tonic for the liver
  8. Rose hips - Very high in Vitamin C
  9. Red Raspberry - Uterine tonic, nutritive supplement
  10. Fennel seeds - Carminative, digestive aid, antacid, anti-inflammatory, relieves flatulence, regulates and moderates appetite
  11. Elderberry - Diaphoretic, immune-enhancing, antiviral
  12. Yarrow - Vulnerary, a wound healer
  13. Hibiscus - High in Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, and antioxidants, heart tonic, slightly astringent
  14. Turmeric - Immune-enhancer, anti-tumor, antiobiotic, blood purifier, metabolic tonic, improves poor circulation
  15. Garlic - Antiviral, antibacterial, immune-enhancing, vermifuge, lowers high blood pressure

My go-to remedies:

  1. Elderberry syrup
  2. Ginger tea - Freshly grated ginger (as much as you want) or dried ginger (1 tablespoon per cup), honey and lemon. 
  3. Yarrow Peppermint Elderberry tea


  • Posted by Dunori on

    So licorice root is a go-to remedy but didn’t make the top 15? Hmm…

  • Posted by Shanae on

    Yup, Dunori! But for a good reason – licorice root raises blood pressure. High blood pressure runs in my family, so I try not to use too much. Whenever I’m fatigued, I reach for my licorice root decoction…it’s just so easy. However, if I didn’t have licorice root, I’d get along just fine :)

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