The Hard Parts of Self Care [Part 1]

I'm starting a 5-part blog series that will be released over the next few months to talk about self-care. For many of us self-care is all about spa days and shopping sprees and sleeping in...the proverbial "treat yo self" days.

Treat yo self graphic.

We see this sentiment all over social media. media. It's not all bad, I guess. Social media has really encouraged people to take stock of their work-life balance. And, as an herbalist and holistic health advocate, I'm really grateful for this. But I feel it necessary to talk about the hard parts of self-care...the part where you sit with your self. Note the separation of words. You're responsible for your own healing. No matter what your life journey looks like to get through it, you've got to do the work. No one else but you. In many ways, I think we're putting band-aids on open wounds by simply getting massages and hair cuts, while calling it self-care, when we really need more healing. And we know we need more healing. Like...who are we fooling?

Therapists are much needed and I feel like the younger generations get this in a way that our parents didn't, but there's still so much work to do and there are therapeutic exercises we can do on our own (or as a supplement to formal therapy. 

I took a year and a half to do the hard parts of self-care. And you know what? I'm still not done. But I'm willing to be vulnerable and tell you my story. Blogs will be weekly or biweekly...I haven't decided yet. And there will also be some guest blogs from others. Wanna participate? Drop  me a line at 

Be whole,

Shanae, Owner/Herbalist, Ivy's Tea Co.

Drink tea like an adult.

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