Know the Ledge: A Discussion on Our KING ME - Detox Tea Kits

Ok, hunn. Let's talk. Our new detox teas are not designed to help you lose weight. Some of the ingredients treat inflammation in the digestive tract, reduce water retention, etc., so they can help support a healthy weight loss program. What's a healthy weight loss program? One where you're active, drinking plenty of water (half of your weight in ounces), and consciously choosing to eat foods that promote health and wellness (eating less sugar and salt, going for more fruits and veggies, giving up processed foods and junk food). We don't want you to get the wrong idea about these teas and we don't want you to be disappointed - you're spending your money! We want to make sure you're fully informed and we want to be transparent all the way through, so below is a breakdown of the herbs used in our teas and what they do. This should help you understand why we're using these herbs and what they can do for you. Always always always talk with your trusted health professional about anything you find on the Ivy's Tea Co. site (and any other site). We're not medical doctors, we don't diagnose and we don't treat ailments, we just know plants and tea blends. Being an informed consumer is the best consumer you can be and part of being an adult. Remember our motto? Drink tea like an adult. Time to (wo)man up. Let's read:

Black pepper: Warming, energizing, and stimulating, this spice (once known as a toxin - yikes!), can cause circulation and treat poor digestion.

Cardamom: This spice stimulates the mind and senses. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is used as a digestive aid.

Cinnamon: According to Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM), cinnamon is warming, stimulating and shown to boost vitality. The spice stimulates circulation, aids digestion, and has antiseptic actions (meaning it can move out bad stuff like toxins).

Cloves: They're stimulating, warming and uplifting (in CTM). Cloves also help rouse a sluggish digestive system and can ease nausea (which you might experience if you're working out too much).

Dandelion: Much of the world's population enjoys dandelion (the leaves and roots) in its regular diet, but much of the Western world (the US) tries to kill dandelions. But dandelions are a great liver tonic, they relieve poor digestion and bowel complaints. They also help ease water retention and are rich in iron and calcium. 

Ginger: Ginger, a beloved root, it is an excellent digestive aid and is perfect to enjoy before meals.

Honeybush Tea: This is a red tea. With its low level of tannins, it makes it easier to absorb the minerals in the tea. What minerals you say? Oh, baby, Honeybush is high in iron, zinc, calcium, copper, potassium, and magnesium. 

Honeysuckle: A well known laxative.

Juniper berries: These berries (soon to be labeled a "superfruit" - let's keep it away from ____ Foods (fill in the blank)) remove waste and toxins. Juniper berries also remove gas from the body and are known as a depurative (blood detoxifier and purifier).

Lemon verbena: Lemon verbena is special and used in Ivy's Tea Co. blends because it relieves nervousness, which makes it very important during any cleans. Additionally, the herb increases metabolism and regulates appetite (mildly), so you'll occasionally see it in other herbal supplements. One of the greatest things about this herb is its ability to decrease the damage done to muscles during a workout without compromising your body's performance. 

Lemongrass: This herb is used in our detox tea because it treats exhaustion, a symptom often associated with detoxes.

Licorice: Licorice is quite sweet to the taste and is known as a singer's herb. In Chinese Traditional Medicine, licorice is seen s the great harmonizer. It fights fatigue and can ease inflammation. 

Schisandra/Schizandra: We use the berries of this adaptogenic plant. Schisandra can increase energy, physical endurance and stamina. Studies also show that it prevents early aging. 

Spearmint: This mint, sometimes called the Mother of All Mints, is cooling, refreshing and uplifting.

Yerba mate: An herbal tea that relieves tiredness and improves mood. Yerba mate may also act as a laxative.

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