Managing Negative Emotions with Nature

Confession time: I have a bad temper. Like a reallyreally bad temper. It is one of the things I wish I could change about myself. I have trouble managing my anger even to this day, but I have made improvements. How? Herbalism. 

Truthfully, blending teas makes me happy and it allows me to be a creativepreneur. Somehow, my work became my therapy. 

While I've always bee an advocate of spending time outdoors, after a lengthy time studying English literature, I took to calling this time, "communing with nature." It quickly became my primary means of keeping cool in heated situations. Putting myself outdoors became my greatest peace. There's a host of information out there about nature as a stress reliever - but I think the best study is the one you do for yourself on yourself. 

This week, I encourage you to slow yourself down in situations that you find frustrating or irritating or stressful. Slow down so much that your reaction is different from its usually one and see what going outside can do for you. 

I don't care if it's raining or cold. And I don't want you to care either :)

The benefits are there whether you enjoy the weather or not, to be honest.

Start with spending 3 minutes outside. Then on the next day, go out for 5 minutes, then 7, then 10 and build up...just keep going. Walk outside or read or grab your tea and just stand. Just start with 3 minutes. See the change. Leave a comment and let me know how it goes for you.

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