Set it. 

I’m sipping. 

Let me indulge in this warm feeling of magic. 

Alone (but not really). It’s cold outside. 

Just me and my favorite barista bringing me a cup of hot water because I brought my own spells. 

Thinking to myself while I stir the hot water with my mini gold teaspoon. 

Thinking. Deep in thought. Lost with myself.

inside myself.

This past year has been so trying. 

I mean trying, like a baby learning to walk. 

A married couple trying to rebuild their trust after infidelities. 

A single parent living check to check.

Yes, trying.

I digress. 

Because in this moment. 

Right now. 

I am present. 

It’s just my magical tea, my mini gold teaspoon, and me. 

With every sip there’s hope. 

The aroma seems to be providing this power to believe in me, again. 

The warm sensation down my throat confirms I can be so much greater than my pain. 

The taste. Ohhhhh my,  the taste. 

Reminds me that self care is important and it’s okay to step away on any day. To be. Alone. 

With myself. 

For tea.


Bio: My name is Steanna Williams. I like to go by Anna. I am an artist-prenuer residing here in South Florida.

IG: @Anna_Inspires


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