On Identity and Shedding a Former Self with Ony'Xemi



For Pride Month 2019, Ivy’s Tea Co. is using its platform to highlight the voices of queer Black people who work to create safe spaces for themselves and others. In this video, Ony’Xemi shares their personal day-to-day experience as a non-binary, asexual dancer, choreographer, drinker and energy worker, who must also hold space for the self in an uncomfortable work environment. Much love to Ony’Xemi for sharing this story with us.

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Ony'Xemi is a non-binary, asexual dancer, choreographer, drinker, and energy worker who knows their lane and stays in it. They started receiving formal dance training in 2010, fell in love with wine in 2012, and discovered their knack for curating dope ass energy work in 2017. Ony'Xemi's life is constantly evolving and becoming more fun with each passing day They can be seen dancing at any given moment, in any given place (likely while purchasing alcohol), all while posting all types of fun, hippie, "tea and incense" shit. Or just plain ole bullshit...mostly just plain old bullshit.

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