Plant Diet: Licorice Root

This experience with Licorice Root has been so different from any other plant diet I've done. But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

First: It's my first decoction. Decoctions are the best way to extract medicinal properties from roots and barks. 

Second: Dieting roots is such a foreign concept to me. I have never, before studying herbalism, done anything with roots or barks besides toss them aside as a non-food and generally unhelpful natural source. How foolish could I have been? The licorice root was, of course, root-ish (like a root), it's brown and slightly yellow. The root has a sweet but earthy scent. 

When I first tasted Licorice Root, though I admit that it had a sweet scent, I surely didn't expect it to taste as sweet as it did. What a surprise. It was too sweet for my taste buds and I really didn't get used to it the whole week that I dieted the plant, but it did ward off my other sweet tooth cravings. 

That's what I noticed the most about this plant diet. My desire for artificial sweeteners lessened considerably. And I got a boost of energy. I had been dealing with adrenal fatigue; however, after about 4 days with the Licorice Root, I felt much more active mentally and physically I felt a lot better, too. It's also a mild and gentle laxative...won't tell yall how I found this out.

Licorice Root is lit.


  • I chew a piece regularly; I think it helps deter cravings to smoke as well.

  • Sounds like you got it all figured out


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