Herbs As Aphrodisiacs

We've got a new tea in the shop and it's sure to blow your mind. It's called So Anxious. And it's called So Anxious for a reason.

What makes So Anxious so special? It's ingredients - of course, they're all organic all the time, but beyond that, the ingredients actually work. Don't argue with me, everything I'm about to tell you is true. 

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The main ingredients in So Anxious are Damiana, Oatstraw, and Tongkat ali. But the tea also has Hibiscus, Maca, and Rose.

Damiana stimulates the sacral chakra, said to increase your desire and excitment. This is because Damiana is a nervine that promotes relaxation, this releases tension and anxiety - a MAJOR key when you're ready to connect. Damiana, with its action that works similarly to testosterone, can also help overcome sexual impotence and low libido.

Oatstraw is the very reason why we have the phrase, "Sowing your wild oats." No lie. 

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Anyway, oatstraw supports sexual health as a tonic herb that can build desire (sexually), sensation, performance, and energy slowly. 

Tongkat ali is Malaysian ginseng known for balancing and increasing testosterone, specifically in men. Aging men tend to experience andropause, which can cause low energy, mental fatigue, and reduced sexual response. Tongkat ali is also helpful for increasing the sensitivity of erogenous zones of women. The tongkat ali used in So Anxious has been sourced from a quality merchant that delivers quality products - some tongkat ali contains high mercury because merchants aren't souring a quality herb.

Maca is a starchy root that is now considered a super-food and is crazy trendy (check the price tag - thanks a lot, rich people), but it's so popular because it is known to enhance libido in men and women. 

Hibiscus flowers smell nice and are sexy in appearance. Hibiscus can help open you to intimacy. Note: Hibiscus has anti-fertility action, but there is a very small quantity used in our teas, about 1/4 teaspoon in every serving.

Rose is a heart medicine and has been added to So Anxious because it opens the heart chakra. It is a loving plant, but it's not an aphrodisiac. 

And there you have it: the magic that is "So Anxious" - if you have questions, you can always email us at hello@ivystea.com...you know we gotchu.

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