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  • Herbal How To: Elderberry Syrup with WTF?

    Making Elderberry syrup is easy. And with our What the Flu? tea, all you have to do is add the water and the honey. Get hands on with your herbal medicine making. View Post
  • Deeper than Plants: My At Home Apothecary

    Of course, I rely heavily on herbal tea for my herbal medicine. I use infusions daily and drink herbal tea like it's going out of style. That thought is actually pretty frightening, so I shouldn't joke that way.  Anyway, here are 15 plants that I have in my home apothecary (medicine chest) and 4 ... View Post
  • Immune Boosting Herbs & Foods

    Going to your pharmacy and buying over-the-counter medicine hurts. You have to drive, buy something that's sugary and all it really does is make you sleep...maybe. The over-the-counter medicine simply suppresses your symptoms. It's 2017 and they don't think we know that stuff doesn't work?  Let... View Post