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  • Insomniacs Unite: Herbal Remedies to Combat Insomnia

    Lots of people are chugging ZzzQuil and poppin other pills tryna get to sleep at night. I don't even know why. Let's talk about herbal remedies to helo you fall asleep and stay asleep. They're non-habit forming and you don't need your ID to check em out. Stop buyin chemicals yo. For real. Chamom... View Post
  • Plant Diet: Oat Straw

    Let's talk about sowing our wild oats with Oat Straw, the herb that can keep you calm. 

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  • Guest Post: Ladies Need Love, Too

    We're talking sex, baby. Feminine energy is on the rise, we’re taking sexy back, and sex positivity is the name of the game. Tryna make sure getting to the Big O is big easy? We gotchu. Here are 5 foods that increase libido and keep your lady parts ready for the get down. View Post