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  • Insomniacs Unite: Herbal Remedies to Combat Insomnia

    Lots of people are chugging ZzzQuil and poppin other pills tryna get to sleep at night. I don't even know why. Let's talk about herbal remedies to helo you fall asleep and stay asleep. They're non-habit forming and you don't need your ID to check em out. Stop buyin chemicals yo. For real. Chamom... View Post
  • How To: Holistic Remedies to Treat Sunburn

    So, bae got you out in the sun? You're gettin all golden or maybe you're more almondy? Either way, it's pretty painful, right? Let's talk natural ways to manage sunburn, so you can keep flossin on the opps tryna steal yo bae. View Post
  • Deeper than Plants: Flowers & Healing

    We humans owe nature a lot. Throughout human history, flowers have been used in many ways for our emotional and mental healing. Archeologists found a man buried in modern day Iraq about 60,000 years ago who was buried along with many flowers, including horsetail, hollyhock, and yarrow. They were ... View Post