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  • Recipes: Smoothies with Red Bone

    There are so many ways to use tea. We've explored lots of them, but we never touched on smoothies. Now that it's hot as all get out in DC, fruit smoothies are our favorite way to start the day. And we get in a cup of tea at the same time.  View Post
  • Herb of the Month: Astragalus

    The star of our newest wellness tea, Purp, is Astragalus Root. Astragalus has many purposes, but the root is primarily used for medicine. It has been used mostly for the common cold, flu, and to regulate the immune system.  View Post
  • Goodbye Summer: 7 Teas for the Fall Season

    It's the first day of Fall and for many of us, it's our time to shine. We're over the hot stickiness of the summer and we're ready for pumpkin and sweet potato, windbreakers, and Fall TV. Some of us have been drinking tea all year round, no shade to those of you who have not. We understand the a... View Post