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  • Herbs As Aphrodisiacs

    We've got a new tea in the shop and it's sure to blow your mind. It's called So Anxious. And it's called So Anxious for a reason. What makes So Anxious so special? It's ingredients - of course, they're all organic all the time, but beyond that, the ingredients actually work. Don't argue with me, ... View Post
  • Guest Post: Drink Tea Like An Adult: Alternative Uses for OG Chai

    I have no idea how this is a thing but I know several people who haven’t figured out how to enjoy drinking tea. They would say that they don’t like tea, but I say they haven’t figured it out because there’s just no way that anyone could not like tea. Nope, I refuse to accept that. If you’re one o... View Post
  • Know the Ledge: A Discussion on Our KING ME - Detox Tea Kits

    Ok, hunn. Let's talk. Our new detox teas are not designed to help you lose weight. Some of the ingredients treat inflammation in the digestive tract, reduce water retention, etc., so they can help support a healthy weight loss program. What's a healthy weight loss program? One where you're active... View Post