Ivy's Tea Co. is closed February 18 through February 28. All orders placed during this time will ship by March 3.

We liiiive babyyyyy - Check out our new ad

Ever wanted to go to a tea party where they serve tea and play Jay-Z? Yeahhhh...we did too. Check out our latest commercial. Click that title, give us a like, leave a comment and subscribe. Oh, and, if it's not too much to ask, share the video, too. Tell somebody who needs this in their life. 


  • Thanks a lot Dunori! We try to keep it A1 – we’re a small business with big dreams.

  • I’ve been noticing that it seems like everything at Ivy’s Tea is very professionally done – the photos, the tea packaging, the music… and the video ad is falling right in line. Bravo!


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