When the Air Is Still...

When the air is still, cool and crisp, or fluid and brisk and the ground is covered with snow; little is more comforting than snuggling up in my favorite seat with my colorful ink pens, journal and a hot cup of tea. People say I am weird because I do not drink coffee, as if there is an unwritten rule that adults have to enjoy it. It does nothing for me. Tea, however, is a staple in my home. It is valued with all the personal products I do not believe in running out of, lest a panic ensues.

Like people, tea comes in different flavors, colors and smells. It can be loose leaf or bagged. I prefer loose leaf. Tea offers diverse personality and therapeutic benefits if that is what you seek. Whether choosing a single flavor or a blend, there is something for everyone That is part of the beauty of tea, it is multi-purpose. Hot or cold, tea never disappoints.

I grew up drinking tea, mostly the black tea that comes in a box. We always seemed to have some. I still treasure the memories of my brother and I sitting at the dining room table with a sweet treat and a cup of tea poured by our father for our evening snack. Maybe that is why tea means so much to me, because it represents memories that last a lifetime. Like tea, memories warm the heart.

Near my home, there is a place I like to go to write called the Narrow Way Café. Their tea cups are big and wide, just right for cranking out a blog post or two. At home, making tea is a ritual of self-care that lifts my spirits and soothes my soul. If I’m feeling So Anxious, Ivy’s Tea Company gets me mellow in minutes. When my chest feels achy with congestion, What the Flu helps to clear it up so I can be at my best. When that girlfriend who comes to visit once a month has a bad attitude, Sister Sister ensures her visit is pleasant. I am known to be sassy, so I embrace it with a cup of Red Bone because it’s spicy like me. Sometimes I choose my tea according to the topic I’m writing about. Writers are special like that.

For me, tea is a normal part of my writing process. I recommend people explore the world of tea. Parallel to doors of opportunity, tea offers something for everyone.


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