• #TRAPTEA Campfire Mug
  • #TRAPTEA Campfire Mug
  • #TRAPTEA Campfire Mug

#TRAPTEA Campfire Mug

$ 20.00

$ 15.00

It's getting cold outside and we just couldn't pass up on bringing some #traptea mugs to the shop. The campfire style mugs are designed like a tin cup and are perfect for late nights on the patio, back porch, balcony, or actually around the fire, if you got it like that. Go 'head, Boss. 

Product Details:

  • Mug holds 13 oz of tea so it’s for those long days, those hard days, those “why do these people keep playin with me days”
  • Made of ceramic and not actual tin because cmon? It’s a throwback not a replica. 
  • Color: Almond (like a beige yellow, it’s quite old-timey, we love it)
  • Lip is kinda flared and it's speckled to give it that classic tin cup style. 
  • Because the mug is speckled, no 2 are exactly the same but you get the gist. 

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