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$ 13.99

Pusha called it a Surgical Summer. That's right. Here's our contribution: Blow, a summertime favorite and its bound to impress you with its light taste and beautiful blue color. When you brew the tea, you watch it go from light green to deep blue, but with a squeeze of lemon or a teaspoon of one of our honeys, you'll get this beautiful blue tea that brings out your inner child. 

Product Details:

  • 0.5 oz of loose leaf tea, 20 single servings
  • 1 oz of loose leaf tea, 40 single servings
  • a serving size is 1 teaspoon 
  • Caffeine content: Zip zero


A mild, earthy with a light sweetness. Add a teaspoon of honey and you get a totally different tea.  


  • Supports mood improvement
  • Supports better brain function
  • Heightens sexual desire


Lemongrass: This popular remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to tighten tissue, but it's also full of Vitamins A and D. Lemongrass is a popular remedy for sprains, pains, and fever.

Jasmine: Jasmine flowers are used in teas, but also throughout aromatherapy. The flowers are used as a sedative to cause relaxation and heighten sexual desire. When inhaled, Jasmine improves mood and reduces stress as well as food cravings. Thank God somethin works. 

Butterfly Pea Flower: This herb is full of the antioxidants that get rid of free radicals in the body. Butterfly Pea Flower also increases antioxidant activity in the body. The anthocyanins in this flower are flavonoids that support antioxidant activity and cardiovascular health in some studies. There's also a big possibility that the flower has adaptogenic properties, helping the body ease stress. Fun fact: The anthocyanins in Butterfly Pea Flower are what give the flower its blue color.

Pairs Well With:

  • All of our honeys, but especially Crime and Shmoney
  • Lemonade
  • Brunch at home - we hate crowds and this is the age of Corona, chile, you betta stay home

Note: You can order no more than 2 canisters of Blow per transaction.