• Nip's Tea™
  • Nip's Tea™

Nip's Tea™

$ 13.99

This one is for Nipsey Hussle. A man who invested in his community and from all the way in Cali taught our founder many principles of business. Philanthropy Fridays and Ivy Cares are ventures birthed from the example set by Nipsey Hussle. An entrepreneur who believed that he had the power to shape a new and inclusive America. One that we agree with, one that we work to shape.

Just what you need to continue the race. The marathon continues. 

Product Details:

  • 2 oz of loose leaf tea, about 28 single servings
  • Caffeine content: None. This is an herbal tea.


Sweet and fruity with a strong ginger lemon aroma.

Pairs Well With:

  • Side Piece, our cinnamon infused honey
  • Charitable acts
  • Victory Lap by Nipsey Hussle
  • Cut It, our pepper infused honey, for a spicy lemon tea that gets the tastebuds workin


Chicory Root: Typically blended with Dandelion Root for herbal coffee substitutes, Chicory Root is typically used for stomach cramps, upset stomach, headache, pimples, respiratory congestion, indigestion, and arthritis.

Ginger Root: Everybody knows about Ginger Root, it's a warm and stimulating. Typically used for common cold, postnasal drip, flu, sore throat, fever and chills, swollen glands, dry cough, low appetite, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, sore muscles, period cramps, headaches, migraines, motion sickness, and low energy.

Lemongrass: This popular remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to tighten tissue, but it's also full of Vitamins A and D. Lemongrass is a popular remedy for sprains, pains, and fever.

Orange Peel: Very common in European medicine for its carminative properties, orange peel warms the stomach, stimulating appetite and increasing digestion. Orange peel also plumps cells with water and nutrients to keep the skin soft. But most important is the way orange peel helps you relax, causing satisfaction in the body. 

Lemon Oil: Lemon oil is secreted in the glands on the surface of the lemon peel. Lemon, in general, regulates blood pressure, lowers blood sugar levels, and makes it easier to concentrate. Lemon is used for sore throat, cold, fever, flu, bronchitis, asthma, digestive disorders, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, arthritis, gout, and sunstroke. Lemon has also been used for sugar cravings. We all need help with that. 

Hibiscus: Widely used in the Middle East (when do we start calling it upper Africa?) and Ayurvedic medicine, Hibiscus is very high in Vitamin C and that's partly why it's so popular. Often used for cold, flu, cough, fever, and stomach pain. 

Coriander Seed: This is the seed of the cilantro plant, but it's used nothing like cilantro. Coriander seed is warming and often used for allergies, indigestion, bloating, and headache.