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Turmeric is a popular old spice full of all the things we need to make life good. Imagine a world without curry, no chicken biryani, no harira, no dhal.  Looking for a chai without the caffeine? Here you go. Named after its color, Yella is the turmeric tea you knew you needed even when you didn't know that you needed it because you're always right even when you're wrong.

Product Details:

  • Herbal Tea: 2 ounces of tea, 20 single servings of tea (1 teaspoons for every 8 ounces of hot water) to 40 servings of tea (if teas servings are used to make two cups
  • Servings of Yella can be brewed twice, yup...that means more bang for your buck! 


Spicy, sweet, and warming 


Turmeric: A popular spice that contains curcuminoids, fixed oils, volatile oils, Vitamin C, and potassium, this stimulating herb has an affinity for the digestive tract, which is why it is often used for nausea, vomiting and heartburn. However, Turmeric has also been used for bronchitis, heavy clotted blood during periods, intermittent fever, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Cinnamon: This well known spice has been used forever for its warm, stimulating, and nourishing properties. Plus it tastes damn good. Bet ya didn't know Cinnamon has been used for menopause, cramps, pain in the lower back, sore muscles, postpartum, abdominal cramping, nausea, diarrhea, and slow digestion.

Cardamom: Similar to Ginger, Cardamom is a warming stimulant spice. This herb is typically used for bloating, indigestion (caused by stress), cold, cough, bronchitis, and hoarseness. Cardamom has also been used to clear the mind.

Clove: This spice is what we call 'Old herbal medicine,' it's sweet, warming, and stimulating. Used since the beginning of spices (that's an exaggeration), many grab it for indigestion, nausea, abdominal cramps, backache, bronchitis, insomnia, cold, cough, and depression. 

Fennel: This widely used carminative is a go-to home remedy for digestion, but don't be underestimate Fennel, the herb also improves memory, eases migraines, and is a well-known remedy for the following: cough, shortness of breath, excess appetite, weight gain, slow digestion, water retention, morning sickness, and gout. 

Ginger Root: Everybody knows about Ginger Root, it's a warm and stimulating. Typically used for common cold, postnasal drip, flu, sore throat, fever and chills, swollen glands, dry cough, low appetite, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, sore muscles, period cramps, headaches, migraines, motion sickness, and low energy.

Licorice: Often used in Chinese medicine, Licorice has often been used as an expectorant and diuretic. Licorice is also used for cold, cough, sore throats, and possibly arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Black Pepper: A common culinary spice, Black Pepper is warming and good for digestion.

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      Siera G.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Best chai ever!

      This is definitely the best chai I've ever had, it's perfect with a little almond milk and honey.

      A Ivy's Tea Co. Customer
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      She's Spicy!

      This stuff is awesome. It's the kind of thing that makes you feel healthier even while you're drinking it. I brew it with water and add some of the Side Piece cinnamon honey, but I can't wait to try it with coconut or almond milk.

      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      New love

      Easy to brew, DELICIOUS. yes, even when it’s hot out. I will be back for Yella again and again!

      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Warm & Fuzzy

      What a lovely blend that treats the senses! The aroma is wonderful, the color is beautiful, and the the taste is heavenly. I drink this unsweetened, brewed in water, but think brewing it in milk might satisfy my hot chocolate cravings when colder weather rolls back around.

      Aisha G.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      One of my Favorites

      This product is so yummy and I recommend it to everyone! I will continue to purchase this tea for as long as it is sold.