Ivy's Tea Co. is closed February 18 through February 28. All orders placed during this time will ship by March 3.

About Shanae

Shanae is a first-generation herbalist and filmmaker in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. Shanae is a tea maker, who hand blends teas and herb infused honeys. Under her direction, the Ivy's Tea Co. brand combines traditional folk medicine and Hip-Hop culture to provide a modern take on herbalism and holistic health. With Ivy's Tea Co., she hopes to change the way you see tea drinkers and the way the holistic health industry looks as a whole. When Shanae isn't blending teas and infusing honeys, she's browsing Tidal for the latest Hip-Hop tracks and looking for inspiring stories to capture on film.

Image of Shanae Jones, owner of Ivy's Tea Co