Ivy's Tea Co. is closed February 18 through February 28. All orders placed during this time will ship by March 3.


What kinds of teas do you sell?

We sell herbal teas, called tisanes, along with your traditional black, green, red or white teas we blend. Occasionally we will have a breakfast or Earl Gray tea, similar to what you would find in stores (but trust us, you don't want the ones in the stores).

Why should I drink herbal teas?

Herbal teas are designed to provide your body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to perform at its best. Our teas feature tussives, bitters, and other constituents that are important to cellular regeneration, digestive health, or even cleansing the blood. Many of us don't get the minerals that would help us in these areas simply because we don't always eat the best foods possible. It's very easy to get these minerals by drinking them. Ivy's Tea Co. saves the day by providing these minerals with a tasty flavor profile.

Why should I drink loose leaf teas?

Ivy's Tea Co. teas consist of whole or broken tea leaves and you can taste the difference. When a tea leaf is left whole, it is allowed to unfold and change color in water when brewed. Store bought tea bags usually consist of the grit or dust because the tea leaves are ground up to get them to fit into the tea bag. In the tea bag, with artificial flavors and colorings, the teas are then able to appear to unfold and change color when brewed. Also, loose leaf teas are actually inexpensive compared to the others. You can brew more than one cup of tea from loose leaves, while a tea bag is typically good for only one cup of great tea. With Ivy's Tea Co. loose leaf teas, you get tea that is of the best quality and taste while supporting your health.

See the games they play?

How many cups of tea do I get out of 2 oz of Ivy's Tea Co. tea?

Use 1 teaspoon of Ivy's Tea Co. tea for every 8 oz of water. Based on these instructions, you'll get 14 cups of tea. You can brew Ivy's Tea Co. teas twice (so don't throw out your teas after one steeping!). So, you'll get 28 cups of tea from each 2 oz container. 

How long do I brew my teas?

Herbal teas should steep for 5 to 10 minutes

Black and Red teas should steep for 3 - 5 minutes

Green and White teas should steep for 1 - 3 minutes

Experiment with your steep times to figure out which one tastes best for you.

What should I do if I have an allergy?

An herbalist crafts Ivy's Tea Co. teas, so you should not place your order before talking to us! Send us an email and we can definitely work around your allergies.