• 3 Stacks

3 Stacks

$ 12.00

A black tea flavored with cranberry and orange, 3 Stacks is mild and lightly sweetened. Named by one of our biggest supporters, this dope blend is perfect anytime of day and makes a perfect afternoon tea. It's energizing and doesn't require any refined white sugar (yuck!). 

Product Details:

  • 1 oz of loose leaf tea, approximately 14 single servings
  • Caffeine content: About 40 mg per every 8 oz of tea


Black tea with a mild cranberry flavor and a hint of orange that you get upon first sip.


Orange Pekoe Tea, Orange Peel, and Cranberry Flavor

Pairs Well With:

  • Shmoney
  • Scones at your afternoon tea party
  • Stankonia. Tell Andre 3K we said hello.


Available during the month of May only.

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