• #TrapTea Spoon - Fancy
  • #TrapTea Spoon - Fancy
  • #TrapTea Spoon - Fancy
  • #TrapTea Spoon - Fancy
  • #TrapTea Spoon - Fancy
  • #TrapTea Spoon - Fancy
  • #TrapTea Spoon - Fancy
  • #TrapTea Spoon - Fancy

#TrapTea Spoon - Fancy

$ 16.28

We've entered the world of flatware to represent for all of us obsessed with pop culture. These teaspoons are perfect for stirring honey into tea cups, drizzling sauces when plating dishes, or waving around in the air like a wand. 

Anyway, the spoons come with varying handles and the phrase is printed in the bowl of the spoon to let the handles shine, cuz they def deserve some shine. 

#TrapTea® Spoon Phrases:

    • Boss Bitch - for the one who runs it all
    • Big Spoon/Little Spoon (matching set of 2) - for the girls in relationship
    • Chill Moe - for the DC Natives and lovers of the district
    • Classy Bougie Ratchet - for the one who is clatchet or sophistiratchet
    • Good Form - for the Barbz and the badies
    • High Maintenance - for the girls who prefer nice things 
    • I'm Speaking - for the ones who love VP Kamala Harris
    • Icy Girl - for one who likes to have options 
    • IKYFL - for the one who's fed up
    • In My Bag - for anyone who finna tear 2021 up
    • M*thafckn City Girl (not censored) - for the city girls (duh)
    • Savage - for the hotties
    • So Icy - for all of y’all who are icy, clean, a bad Mutha—-
    • Tea Time - for the people who are organized, they want their teaspoon to be clearly labeled for tea - who wouldn't?
    • The Plug - for the dot connectors, the person who knows the person who's in charge, no middlemen needed

Product Details:

  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Teaspoon size, oval shape 6.25" long
  • These are small spoons for tea, coffee (ew), and dessert
  • Big Spoon/Little Spoon set includes one dessert spoon (the Big Spoon) and one teaspoon (the Little Spoon)
  • Please know that these items are very rare and difficult to come by.
  • The price is per spoon.

Pairs well with:

Care Instructions:

  • Does your mama trust the dishwasher? Neither do we. Hand wash these delicate a$$ spoons, please.
  • Wash immediately after each use
  • Never soak or leave unwashed overnight
  • Store in a tarnish resistant chest or cloth

Note: Your spoon may not look exactly like the one in the picture, we've got varying handles, but all the spoons are sterling silver and high quality. Pinky promise. We'd never sell you no fraud sh*t.