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  • The Come Up

The Come Up

Ever needed a come up? A lil handout? Something to make life just that much easier??? We've been there. So we made this honey. And The Come Up comes in our new 6 ounce jars. Yes, we know. We've outdone ourselves.


Citrusy and savory. And sweet, of course. 


  • Raw Organic Meadow Clover Honey
  • Orange Extract
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger 

Pairs Well With:


Available until December 22, 2019.

Why Ivy's Tea Co.?

We believe the holistic health beverage industry should reflect all cultures, all people. Not just those who are blond or do yoga. The current tea market is boring, stiff and whitewashed. We're bringing Hip-Hop culture to herbal tea, making it relatable and fun to drink, too. Plus our tea is actually good for you. No cap.

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