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  • I Break Chains All By Myself by Sondra Marie Rose

    Safe spaces are the cornerstone of survival. As a member of multiple marginalized groups, I can attest that having a place--real or imagined, shared or personal--to escape to in the midst of struggle provides an opportunity to breathe, heal, and hope. Unlike promises of a better future that encourage white-knuckling through each day, safe spaces offer immediate solace and make the present bearable. View Post
  • Love Ones: A Playlist for Pride

    We couldn’t let Pride Month go by without a really dope playlist for the month. Curated by our favorite, Bryan aka BleuzIsLife, this one will make you dance and put a smile on your face. Cheat code: Listen to it while taking an outdoor walk/run, you’ll burn more calories than you ever have in your life. We know. We tested it. 

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  • How To: Green Bae and Sweet Rosé Cocktail

    It's National Rosé Day, so we decided to get creative with a mocktail base that we play with very often, Green Bae, honey and fruit (usually berries). We're sharing this Green Bae and Sweet Rosé cocktail with blackberries.
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